Week Four; Time to Break Hearts

The thing about the top tier of College Football Teams, is they aren’t ‘that much’ separated. Being able to keep a bunch of kids motivated and moving forward is a difficult task, especially when ego, arrogance, and the flip side fire and desire come into play. Teams like Alabama ‘go to work’ and accomplish a steady level of performance, but even they are not immune to the capacity to ‘take things for granted’…

This is the story of two giants who meet this weekend in Athens. UGA is a powerful team let there be little doubt. ND, on the other hand, has everything to prove and it’s ALL on the line for them. If they prevail, they will be the sweethearts the remainder of the season. If they lose? They never were, and will wear that albatross for a long time- even escaping this season.

I like the Irish’s chances here- I see a team who believes in itself where nobody else does. I also see a UGA team with swagger bordering on arrogance as they appear more likely to arrive with that win already in the bag. It’s a bad mix for UGA, and a circumstance where the Irish should be able, in spite of all the attention, to sneak right in.

Do I think that will happen? Nope. UGA will win, but…. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if this game goes to OT. But another more important matter to offer given the platform of this site: Stay away from this game. It is volatile and could go any way ‘it’ chooses.

Texas hosts the Cowboys of Oklahoma State this weekend. They’ve historically (if history is described by the last decade) trouble with Grundy. They’ve also a losing streak in Austin that just doesn’t make any sense. The Lines favor UT by 6.5, and that is about right as I’m guessing a single score will split these guys in the end. This is yet another game charged with intangibles that I would recommend you avoid.

So, that is about without worth, huh? But this isn’t:

UF is favored by 12.5 in the swamp over the recovering UT Vols. Take UT and the points. Hell, it may end up a straight up UT win.

UM travels to Madison to play the badgers. This feels more like some sort of pit fight ala mid 1800’s in the mining towns that scattered the western states. Two mean little critters going for each others throats. huh. Wiscy is carrying 3pts over the Wolverines and simply for the home field advantage and a 51.5pt o/u. That isn’t going to happen. The Badgers are going to put on a clinic on how to harm Wolverines. Take Wiscy to cover, and take the under.

TAMU hosts Auburn in what’s always a damn interesting affair. TAMU is favored by 2.5pts which is cutting into home field advantage- but… As high as I am on Auburn I’d have to give aTm the nod in this game and expect it will blow out the 49pt o/u.

All told- I’m thinking three major fanbases are going to need some psych observation come Saturday night as they see their chances of appearing in this years big dance dramatically impacted. UM will learn ‘this isn’t their year, either’, Texas will lose for the second time this season as oSu adjusts their attitudes, and UGA? UGA better maintain focus and lose the superiority complex, else we’ll have to deal with Irish fans sprouting everywhere across this great land and speaking in their hoity toity superior demeanor, as if they’ve always had that faith. Don’t forget that UT/UF game, either. If UF blows UT out, there is likely to be a broken household in Knoxville as the patriarch seeks new opportunities.

That’s what I say… What say’s you?